Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Quick Takes... Take 1

So I really love the 7 Quick Takes at, and I've been wanting to start blogging anyway, so... I figured something easy like this would be great.  So... here goes! 

I love the weather.  I hate the mosquitos. They're called "Tiger Mosquitos" and they suck... (pun totally intended).  What's weirder is that they don't use screens in Italy.  

My friends tell me I'm weird.  I don't see it, personally.  Does it qualify me as weird if one of the highlights of my week was going to Mass with 25 priests... and me?  That's right.  Didn't think so.

The other highlight was FINALLY finishing my application to join the nunnery (as my father calls it) and meeting the Sister who is the superior general of the order.  Completely normal for a 23-year-old.  Right?

 I realized this week how much I'm going to miss studying at the Ang.  I'm actually (*gasp*) starting to like philosophy.  At least sometimes.  As long as it's not something ridiculous like "to be is to eat" (no joke... this was the culmination of Ludwig Feuerbach's philosophy).

Speaking of eating, I made this really good Cherry tomato-garlic-basil-olive oil sauce and put it on whole wheat pasta with some fresh mozzarella buffala.  Awesome.
I also just realized that I haven't had gelato in almost a week.  Which is unacceptable :) 

Usually I love Italians. They're a rather govial people who are entertaining to watch and nice to encounter.  This week, however, they've been driving me crazy!  Especially the women who just can't get over the fact that I'm wearing sandals!   My dear Italian Ladies: Just because you are still wearing your bubbled ski jacket and it's 70 degrees out, does not mean that I too am required to dress for the next blizzard.  So please, wipe the judgemental looks off your face and stop making comments because I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU! SI!  POSSO PARLARE ITALIANO (as proved by the numbers)!  So don't you forget it!

I'm going to New York in a few weeks.  Between now and then I have about 600 pages of reading to do and a paper to write.  Upon reflection, this probably wasn't the best week to start blogging...  :D

PS- This was SOOO not as easy as I expected!  Better luck next week!

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

#2 - No way! That sounds so awesome. Should totally be the highlight of your week.

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