Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick Takes... Take 2

These are going to be REALLY quick takes, because it's late and been a long week... [Hosted by Conversion]

1. This is my new favorite "God song" (as my best friend calls it): Brooke Fraser's Arithmetic   Check it out!

2.  Today, the person who has holy hour after me failed to show up.  So I got to do 2 holy hours.  It was great (after I got over myself for being impatient because I wanted to study)

3.  6 days till I fly to NY for my best friend's graduation. SQUIEEEEEEEEEE!!!

4.  4 months til entrance!  Double SQUIEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I told both my parents this week that I'm entering in the fall.  Dad took it well.  Mom's refusing to talk to me. :/

5. I really want Indian and/or Chinese food.  Anything that's not pasta (unless it's Pad Thai or Lo Mein...)

6.  I haven't done a darn bit of homework this week.  I'm beginning to wonder when/how I'm actually going to finish it all.... St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for my lazy self!

7.  I'm starting to pack/give away/throw away stuff before entering the convent.  Man, it's hard!  Pray for me!

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veniteadoremus said...

Yay! You've been infected with the 7QT virus as well! :D

St. Joseph of Cupertino is totally my favourite saint. It should be St. Thomas Aquinas, of course, but I'm too lazy to deserve him... :( St. J completely saved me during my most recent exam: one of my class mates had "found this really funny problem" which he worked out on the blackboard while we were waiting for the professor... and it was literally in the exa!

I also concur wholeheartedly with #7... :)